Guide To Finding Credible Cheap RC Trucks


Let us begin by laying out parameters to stick to while on the lookout for a credible cheap trucks. First, a truck is no fun if it cruises by on smooth surfaces but topples on rugged terrain. Think of your rc truck as a shrunken version of an All-Terrain-Vehicle (ATV). The tires should be sturdy, preferably large and inflatable to provide better grip and control. An rc truck that moves at less than 40mph is wastage of money. Second, the battery life should be competitive enough. Electric rechargeable batteries provide progressively dampening sources of energy for shorter run durations like tens of minutes. Gas powered batteries offer higher and more reliable performance. Thirdly, you can look for extra features like digital remote controls, aluminum chassis and skid plates. However, remember that the more extra features you choose, the higher will be the price.

Now that you know RC truck credibility parameters, let us discus a few worthy examples of cheap rc trucks. If the remote control vehicle you are looking to buy is to be a docile toy for a small child, you may look into Wal-Mart’s cheap offerings of around$40 each. These aren’t real trucks but just plastic replicas. They run for say, 10 minutes and on smooth surfaces alone. However, all in good probability anyone above the age of 7 years would like a fully fledged rugged truck.

Traxxas is a name that has been associated with reliable and affordable rc trucks. Traxxas Slah at $195 for 2 WD short track model and $450 for 4 WD model is a quite promising deal. Kyosho, Team Associated and HPI are other trusted names that charge only for the machine and not the brand value.

If you still find them a little out of your budget, try finding used ones at eBay or Craigslist. However, before making the buy, make sure to ascertain the nature of the machine, whether or not is it repairable. It makes no sense to buy a used truck for $100 and then spend another $200 on the repairs.

If you have an élan for machines, you may even be able to put together a truck of your own in your backyard. This requires expansive knowledge, research and hard work. Till then, you can swear by this guide on inexpensive rc trucks.

Guide to finding credible cheap rc trucks1 Guide To Finding Credible Cheap RC Trucks