Variety of Contemporary RC Trucks

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Pro 110 Scale Brushless Electric Monster Truck

The largest numbers of RC trucks for sale as toys have electric motors, usually a separate unit for propulsion and another for steering. The motors are powered by nickel-cadmium, lithium polymer or nickel metal hydride batteries. In all but the simplest units, the batteries are rechargeable.

Other models, called nitro trucks, are powered by glow plugs that actually supply fuel to an engine. These units can operate longer without refueling, and the refueling process is quicker than with a comparable electric truck. The top speed of a nitro truck is higher, but it has less acceleration than an electric model.

At the high end, some models have engines that burn gasoline, albeit usually not the same mixture that goes in full-sized automobiles. These use motors similar to those in powered gardening tools like trimmers or clippers. The actual fuel they use is usually a mixture of gasoline and oil.


Many trucks for sale, particularly at the low end of the range, are intended to operate only on smooth, level surfaces. They work beautifully on hard floors or driveways, but may have problems in grass or even some types of carpet. More advanced models are intended for off-road use. Dedicated modelers may customize the suspension so as to choose the specific springs, dampers and perhaps other components for a particular application.

Things to do with RC trucks


Some RC trucks for sale are modeled after specific full-sized vehicles. Collectors may have shelves full of different units. Some collections cover the whole spectrum of historical or contemporary trucks, while others specialize in some portion of the industry.


RC trucks in many classes are raced competitively. There is even an international organization that provides rules and regulations. The International Federation of Model Auto Racing sets the standards and also organizes championship competition.

Models that actually operate can be fascinating to watch, and RC trucks are no exception. Whether the owners are children racing their vehicles down a driveway or dedicated hobbyists in organized races or collector’s shows, these trucks provide a great deal of fun for the price. To get started, one need only select from the wide range of today’s RC trucks for sale.

Variety of contemporary rc trucks1 Variety of Contemporary RC Trucks